Lifestyle Protection

Prevention is always better than cure but accidents sometimes occur, whether we like it or not.

Be prepared for your family

Lifestyle Protection

Charter Ping An’s Personal Accident provides you monetary compensation for death or bodily injury as a result of accidental, violent, external, and visible means. We aim to provide you financial security in case of unforeseen events or accidents.

Lifestyle Protection
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Smart Traveller

Enjoy every moment with AXA's Smart Traveller! Our comprehensive travel insurance package has been design for you to enjoy every moment with your family and friends.

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Personal Accident

"While loss of life is inevitable And accident is unpredictable, Well-being is a choice. Security is your mind’s option.” Personal Accident Insurance covers death or specific types of injury as a result of an accident. It also pays benefits for the loss of limbs, fingers, sight and permanent paralysis.


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