Income Protection

Protect your family from financial burden in case of your untimely demise. Your insurance proceeds will take care of medical bills and taxes, and still provide for living expenses while recovering from loss.

Be prepared for your family

Income Protection

Nothing can protect your family from the pain of losing you. This takes a toll on them emotionally and financially. Secure their future income today.

Income Protection
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MyLifeChoice Protect

A protection and investment plan designed to help protect your family from financial woes in case of unexpected events. Get an insurance coverage equivalent to at least 20 times the amount you pay annually, while you invest and grow your fund.

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life basiX

One of our top-selling investment plans that gives long-term growth through professionally-managed funds and also gives substantial life protection in case of untimely death.

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Value-for-money protection product that provides substantial life insurance during your coverage period of 5 years.

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Life eXentials

An affordable plan that pays out guaranteed cash benefits every month to your loved ones in case something happens to you during the covered period.


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